MsV Anion Bio-Magnetic Sanitary Napkin - Preserves Health. - Anti - Bacterial. - Anti - Inflammatory. - Eliminating Odor. - Promotes Metabolism. - Improves Endocrine Function - Enhances Immunity. - Relieves Stress Comes in a set of 2 DAY USE and one PANTYLINER Why is MS V so special than other sanitary pads? READ ON: Women … we have now the Answer A Sanitary napkins that refreshes a woman’s feeling during menstruation…no more itchiness … no more hassles… no more fuzz… you would even forget you have “period “ . So comfortable that you can do just right about anything what you usually do on your regular days… MsV Sanitary Pad provides 8 kinds of care • 1st Layer : 100 % Premium Soft Cotton Surface with Ginseng & Peppermint Extract. • 2nd Layer : Unique 3 Dimensional Flaps Prevents Side Leakage. • 3rd Layer : Exclusive patented Anion Bio-Magnetic Chip . • 4th Layer : Soft Air-Laid Sterilized Paper . • 5th Layer : Super Absorbent Gel from Sumitomo Corp. Singapore. • 6th Layer : Protective Layer of Gel . • 7th Layer : Adhesive Wings . • 8th Layer : Breathable bottom layer that allow free-flow of air WHAT IS DIOXIN?(that is found in modern sanitary pads) DIOXIN is a hazardous substance of the process of bleaching (whitening) which is used in paper mills, including factory sanitary napkins , tissue , sanitary pads and diapers (napkins for children ) that threatens the health of human being. Dioxin substances accelerate the proliferation of all types of cancer , especially in women , is the condition that leads to disruption of the female reproductive organs. How the dioxin substances can seep into the uterus ? When the menstrual blood fell to the pads surface , then the dioxin substance is released through evaporation process . The first will be on the surface of the vagina , and then absorbed into the uterus through the cervical canal and goes into the uterus , through the fallopian tubes and ends in ovaries. 1 out of 5 women aged 30 – 40 years old suffer from Endometriosis MS V contains - 1. Anion Bio Magnetic Chip MsV Anion Bio-Magnetic Chip Sanitary Napkin is a high tech product in this modern world , the Anion Bio-Magnetic Chip can release up to 5,800 – 6,070 Negative Ion ( Anion) per cubic cm which has been proven in numerous scientific studies . The intensity of Negative Ion (Anion) released will effective suppresses the survival and multiplication of bacteria on the sanitary napkin. The new design of anion-chip ( anion strip) is proved to released anions and far infra-red function by detection , hastens human microcirculation , inhibits reproduction of anaerobic bacteria,while hastens women’s partial micro-circulation, raise the growth of bio-enzyme , regulate , the acidic secretions in vaginal and improve women’s self-protection ability. The Strontium Ferrite is also added in the anion chip fiber helps prevent skin diseases and vaginal itching. The enhance of Anion Bio-Magnetic Sanitary Napkins can help regulate body functions such as antibacterial capabilities , deodorization , strengthen the anti-counterfeiting effectiveness. 2. Ginseng and Peppermint Ginseng - believed to lesson stomach pain associated with menstruation , anti-aging effects , immunostimulatory activity and antioxidant activity . This study for the first time demonstrates the direct effect of long-term use of extraction ginseng extract on human skin. Ginseng was also found to induce collagen production and the possible mechanism can be through its estrogen –like activity. Peppermint - It has a very minty aroma that is cooling and refreshing. Can cure urinary tract infections , as it will reduce the effects and frequency of urinary tract infection . The refreshing properties will energize you and its cooling properties will remove the uneasy feeling during menstruation . The efficacy of peppermint was to eliminating the odor , reduce inflammation and provide a sense of cool. Guaranteed for the soothing and comfort effect! Its affordable! comes in a set! Try now!

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