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*Ingredients* • Ginger (100% Pure Ginger Extract - Boosts Hair Growth, Reduce Hair Loss, Make Hair Soft & Silky, Rids Dandruffs) • Jojoba Oil (Stimulates Hair Growth, Reduce Hair Loss, Moisturise Hair Scalp, Improves Blood Circulation) • Wheat Germ Protein (Rich in Anti-Aging Properties, Soften & Moisturize Hair) • Avocado (Nourishes, Moisturises, Rejuvente, Repairs Damaged Hair) * Benefits* • Ease Menstural Cramps • Lessen Headaches • Detox (Less perspiration after detox stage) • Improves Scalp Blood Circulations • Anti-Dandruff (Proven) • Prevents Hair Loss & Hair Breakage • Stimulates Hair Follicles Cells to Promote Hair Growth • Provides Oil Control to Inhibit Baterical Growth Shampoo have NO Silicone Oil, NO Paraben Oil, 0% Additive, NO Artificial Coloring, NO Animal-Base Ingredients nor Scented. Mild and safe for pregnants ladies, babies, elderly, man and woman of all ages. Best for Pre-Natal & Post Natal (3 Bottles treatment can regain healthy black hair) ✔️100% safe! SGS, CE, MSDS certifications. ✔ Tested & Proven. ✔ Results guaranteed RECOMMENDED TO USE TOGETHER WITH HAIR MASK AND SERUM FOR BEST RESULTS. BUNDLE SET OF GINGER SHAMPOO AND HAIR MASK @ S$46.00 BUNDLE SET OF GINGER SHAMPOO, HAIR MASK AND ESSENTIAL OIL @S$74.00

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